Admiral the Beagle Finds a Home
December 22, 2010

Admiral in his new home!

One of our best adoption stories of the summer was the story of Admiral, a young beagle who was transferred to our adoption center from the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control Facility.  There is a growing comradely between animal shelters in New England, which has resulted in many shelters asking other animal shelters or rescue groups to help them out with an animal if they feel that the animal will do better in another facility.  There can be a variety of reasons for this, such as their mental health, that organizations specialization in the breed or type of animal, the environment or setting of the rescue, and as was the case with Admiral, the animals health. 

Admiral, originally a stray from the city of Springfield, came to the MSPCA this summer with a terrible case of mange, which resulted in fur loss over 50% of his body.  Our vet team set to work on Admiral right away, and within a few weeks he was feeling healthy enough to go up for adoption.  With his sweet personality and pleading beagle eyes, Admiral was adopted almost immediately by the DiNicola family, who originally saw him on Petfinder before coming down to the shelter to meet him.  It was love at first site!  The DiNicola's provided Admiral with a stable, nourishing environment, taking over his medical care, and helping him adjust to his new life.  They are proud to report that Admiral has made a full recovery from his mange, and they can now run a dog brush through his tri-colored locks.  Once a parasite infested street dog, Admiral, now affectionately know as Addy, spends his days at doggie daycare, romping with other dogs to his hearts content.  His family reports that he really loves the water, they have found him standing in their bathtub and in his own water dish on more than one occasion, just to try and sneak in an extra dip!  The DiNicola family is so grateful to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm and the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control Facility for giving their dog a chance at having a wonderful life - and we are equally grateful to the DiNicola's for giving Admiral the home that every dog deserves to have.