Adopt A Cat This Weekend Aug 27/28 ! All Adult Cats Are Fee Waived!
August 25, 2011

By: Sheri

This weekend for the first time the MSPCA is offering "fee waived" adoptions for all adult cats over the age of one. Yes, that means no adoption fee! Why are we doing this you ask? Summer is marked by heavy surrenders and lots of kittens coming in, so our adult cats can frequently get overlooked during this time.  Currently we are packed full of hundreds of fabulous cats just waiting for someone to take them into their family.

If you are considering adding a cat to your home. Stop by Nevins Farm this weekend. I'm sure we will be able to find you a great match. 

Want an example? Harrison is one of our amazing cats waiting to find his home. Harrison first came in as a stray, and the person who found him liked him so much that he decided to come back up and officially adopt Harrison for his own companion. Harrison was very loving during that time in his home. He would follow the owner around everywhere, even sleeping right on his desk as he worked.  Harrison was very much a lap cat and would purr on his lap for hours at a time.  However Harrison was a little scared when the large TV would come on and would "high tail it out of there" for a little while whenever that power button was pushed.

Sadly as well as Harrison was doing in the home, he couldn't stay. His owner never having a cat before was unaware that once he took Harrison he would be stricken by severe allergies.  In the end he really loved Harrison but had to bring him back for his own health reasons.  Ask to meet this loving, sweet cat. He is ready to go home and I truly feel he will make someone very very happy.

So visit the MSPCA Nevins Farm this weekend. Find a terrific cat "or maybe even two" and go home with a fabulous new companion! For the event our adoption hours are extended from 12-6pm both Saturday and Sunday!

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