Are black cats being left in the shadows? Also, update on RooBob
November 17, 2010

I guess it is nothing new or surprising, but black and black and white cats get overlooked by potential adopters.  But why?  Is it the superstition stigma of the black cat?  Or is it simply that there is just more of them?  According to, brown tabby is the most common coloring of cats.  I may want to challenge that stat, however.  I ran the stats here at our shelter and on our adoption floor black and white cats win in the numbers department.  We have 40 black and white, coming in at 29% of our adoptable cats.  Black cats make up 10% of our adoptable cats, totaling 14.  Add those two together and they make up almost 40% of our adoptable cats!

We felt it was time to get the word out there that these cats need homes, too!  Hence our latest adoption promotion:  A free goodie bag when you adopt a black or black and white cat.  Inside the goody bag is a 3.5 pound bag of Hill's Science Diet adult cat food, one can of Hill's Science canned food, a cool black and silver cat collar, a personally engraved name tag, and a cat toy.  In addition to this promotion, we have also reduced the adoption fee for adult cats over the age of one.  With the help of a generous donater and supporter, we are able to cut the fee in half for these wonderful cats to only $75.00. 

Yes, calico and tortoiseshell cats are beautiful.  But black cats and black and white cats are cool!  I admit, I am bias as I have a black and white cat who is the best cat in the world..  There is belief out there that different cat colors and patterns come with particular temperaments or personality traits.  For example, there is a rumor out there that calicos and tortoiseshell cats have "attitudes," or cattitudes as I say.  This suggests they tend to be more temperamental.  Black cats are supposedly more laid back (hence my comment that they are "cool cats").  Is all this true?  My true belief is that breeds and colors of cats (and dogs) do not predict temperament and personality.  Early life experiences, socialization, and genetics may have the most influence on this.  But I hold strong to my case that black and black and white cats are the best!

To see some of the available cats for adoption here at Nevins Farm, visit our adoption page.

Cool cat, Lea My name is Moe, not Oreo


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about our resident kangaroo, Roo Bob.  Ok, he is not actually a kangaroo, he is a cat.  Check out his blurb.  Sadly, shortly after I wrote about him, the vets suspected he had ringworm and was placed in isolation.  Poor guy, he loves being with people so much and being visited only 2-3 times per day was not enough for him!  Thankfully he didn't have to be in there too long as tests came back negative for ringworm.  He is not only now on our adoption floor, but is being featured on the main page of the MSPCA website!  He was neutered today and the vets also removed some growths on his metacarpal pads.  He has certainly adjusted to his unusual from legs, but the bandage is really throwing him off!  We hope that he gets adopted soon- he surely will make the most wonderful companion!  If you are interested in meeting Roo Bob and possibly adopting him, come in to our shelter here at Nevins Farm or call us 978-687-7453, press 8 and enter extension 6101.  Or you can email us at  To check out other adoptable animals, click here.  Many thanks for your support!

Roo Bob chillin with cagemates