Black Friday at MSPCA Nevins Farm
November 22, 2011


Whats the busiest day at MSPCA Nevins Farm?  Black Friday of course.
On Black Friday we see crowds of people entering our shelter to spend time with some of our many many animals we have up for adoption.  Remember we have dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, parakeets, horses, chickens and even a bearded dragon waiting for their turn at finding a great home.  Wouldn't it be nice to bring home a loving pet for the holidays?  If you stop in we will be happy to show the wonderful furry and feathered friends we have waiting.  Also we are there for support to help answer your questions so if you are unsure of who or what kind of companion you want we can offer info and hopefully find you the perfect match.


 Not looking to add a new companion animal to the house? Don't worry we have lots of other ways you can show your support for what we do.  At Nevins we do offer a large amount of retail items for sale, and we are a nonprofit so any of the proceeds we receive for purchases goes right back to helping us take care of  animals.  If you haven’t heard yet we don’t get any government funding so retail item sales, and donations are soo essential for allowing us to help the thousands of animals that come our way.


This week we are even starting a new program to reward our retail buyers for getting their pet care supplies from us. It is called the Nevins Farm Frequent Buyer Program and its quite simple actually. Buy $10 of retail at our shelter and we will give you a punch card.  Then for every additional $10 purchased you get a punch. When the card is filled you get $10 off your next purchase at the shelter ( sorry this  $10 off just can’t be used for dog training, adoption fees or science diet food, but yes, everything  else is included).


Some great retail items we have for purchase are: Oxbow foods for smalls animals, Science Diet food for cats and dogs, Lupine collars and leashes, Kong toys, Aruba cat trees and scratching posts, Zanies cat and dog toys, grooming brushes for all types of animals, MSPCA Apparel, and even fresh hay by the bagful just to name a couple things.  


Do we have any special deals we are offering for black Friday? Yes, all of our dog toys will be 50% off all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Make sure to get those fido stocking stuffers from us also!!  So this Black friday weekend, stop in and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the retail stores on route 28, support the animals, find a friend and also keep in mind our horse celebration and Tree lighting is December 3rd at 4:30.