Do We Have Small Animals for Adoption? Yes, So Many, even Degus!
July 5, 2011

By Sheri

Many people don't realize just how many types of animals we have for adoption at our shelter. We are not just a shelter for cats and dogs. Our Noble Adoption Center houses animals of all kinds.

Right now at Nevins Farm we have our hands full with small animals waiting for adoption. We currently have over 35 available guinea pigs, 20 rabbits, 5 ferrets, 4 chinchillas, 4 canaries, 3 cockatiels, 1 large amazon parrot, 6 degus, 7 mice, 4 hamsters, 1 large iguana, 2 pigeons,  and even over 50 small birds  including parakeets and finches just waiting to find great homes.

If you are considering adding a small animal to your household really now is the time to stop on in! With so many in house we will work hard to find you the perfect fit.

One animal we don’t see to often but currently have up for adoption are Degus. What’s a degu? Well it’s a small rodent that is native of Chile pronounced “daygoo”. They are diurnal Herbivores,  which means they eat plants and have sleep and wake cycles throughout the day and night.  Their closest relatives are Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs, and like both of those they are extremely social and thrive in small groups or pairs.

I have had the privilege of fostering 11 degus this year and I can tell you they are a ton of fun to have around. Degus are one of the most intelligent small animals they are easy to hand tame and enjoy training and socializing. Currently we have a  group of 6 degus we have at the shelter. Nene, Sarah, and Daisy arrived at Nevins back in March. Daisy was pregnant and she did give birth at the shelter on May 15th. Her babies are David, Rolie, and Maruca. Right after their birth I took the whole crew home to socialize until they were old enough to be made adoptable at 6 weeks. All 6 of the degus have been a lot of fun for my family. They are all hand tame and very social, I even was able to teach them to eat out of my hands and come when called. Degus require a large multi-level cage to be happy. and are avid chewers so  make sure there no plastic parts. Like guinea pigs, degus need a good diet of timothy hay, a pellet food low in sugar (Chinchilla pellets mixed with guinea pig pellets are okay to use if degu specific food is unavailable) and then a variety of vitamin rich fresh veggies such as red pepper or parsley to round things out.

 Thinking of adopting a degu? Check out their petfinder link below.

Maruca, Rolie, Sarah, Nene, and Daisy


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