Staff helps out with emergency C-Section
September 29, 2010

Last Wednesday an owner came in to surrender his eight year old female English bulldog.  Not only was she clearly pregnant, she looked as though she started labor.  A vet was on duty and it was decided Peanut would have to have an emergency Ceasarean section.  Jen, our Education Coordinator, posted a great blog about the process which included several staff and volunteers to assist Dr. Lynch.  Check it out by clicking here.

I was on hand to take photos and get video footage.  This was my first witnessing of a C-section and I saw it from scalpel (eww!) to suckle.  Fascinating is all I can say.  Dr. Lynch had staff and volunteers standing by to help recover the newborns once removed from the amniotic sac (eww!).  Because the mom is under anesthesia, she is unable to clean them and get them breathing as in a normal birth.  The newborns are affected by the anesthesia and need assistance getting started breathing and also fluid needs to be sucked out from their mouths and nasal passages (with devices that I swear are turkey basters).  See the video below of this process.  To hear their first breath is exciting and induced many cheers and sighs of reliefs from the helpers.  It was pretty emotional! 

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Removing fluid 1st one out & breathing Mom wondering what just happened

Peanut had a tough go of this surgery.  She not only has normal bulldog health issues, she is eight years old.  A little late in life for her to be giving birth!  Poor girl.  It was a little touch-and-go but she made it through and is now in recovery with her pups in a wonderful foster home.  I will be following hers and her pup's progress and will be posting those updates to this blog!  Stay tuned!