Hamster, hamsters and more hamsters oh and lots of birds too
June 2, 2011

 By: Sheri

Thinking of adding a new member to your household? Please think about adopting first, and visit Nevins Farm.

At Nevins we have soo much more than just cats and dogs.(Though we have plenty of those too.) We take in over 800 small animals each year. This includes rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, gerbils, parakeets, turtles, hamsters, chinchillas, mice, and even more unique animals like degus and hedgehogs. 

Right now we currently have over 15 hamsters available for adoption and boy are they cute. Most of the hamsters we have in are Golden and Teddy Bear hamsters which are the largest of the Syrian hamster breeds. They typically are very social, docile, easy to hold and the ones we have on our adoption floor are no exception to this. Our hamsters vary in age from as young as 4 weeks old to 1.5 years old and almost every age in between. 

One of my favorites in the group is a gorgeous gray sable colored hammy named Smokey. Smokey is what many people refer to as a Teddy Bear hamster due to his long flowing coat that at 6 months is just truly beginning to grow in. He’s a cute as a button little guy that came in from a family that took good care of him but just simply had too many to keep up with. Smokey is very sweet and friendly and was crawling all over me for his photo shoot.  I truly think he will make someone a great little pet all he needs is a clean spacious cage, great food, and someone to love him. Smokey is just one of the fabulous hamsters we currently have for adoption so stop on in and take a look.

Did you know that Syrian hamster have a lifespan of about 2-3 years? They are color blind and can really only see about 6 inches in front of their nose clearly so it's very important to go slow and talk to them so that they know you are not a threat when you are going to pick them up. Hamsters are truly some of the best escape artists around and they do really need a nice spacious secure cage to help keep them happy and healthy.
At Nevins not only do we carry nice custom built metal cages for all of our small guys but we also have many other supplies on hand like high quality Oxbow foods, water bottles, bowls, wheels, toys, and wooden houses. Everything you need to be able to bring your new friend right home. And the best part is if you come in and buy your pet supplies from us all of those proceeds go right back to helping the other thousands of homeless animals we take in. 

What else do we have in? Parakeets, and finches!! We have so many parakeets and finches available for adoption I truly lost count. We have zebra finches and society finches and about every color and color combination of parakeet you can think of. Both our parakeets and finches are housed in our large aviary windows that really showcase their personalities and their love of companionship as well. Both Parakeets and finches enjoy the company of other birds so we do try to adopt the out in pairs when ever possible. 
We do also have new bird cages available for purchase in our adoption center and just like the small animal cages they come with everything you need to get started and bring your new pet home the same day. 

So come on in and meet one of what I like to call our “super smalls” available for adoption. We’ll be happy to help you and your family find the perfect match!!