Meet Ally a Special Dog Who Needed Some Extra Help
December 20, 2011

By Sheri

At Nevins Farm we get lots of animals that need medical care. How can we care for them? It's solely dependent on the help from the public and funding to our Angels for Animals Fund. If you have visited Nevins recently you may have started to notice new collection bins on some of the animals cages. These bins highlight just some of the animals that are benefiting from the Angel Fund.  To find out  more on what our Angel for Animals Fund is  all about please take a look at the link below. It's a great fund and it truly does enable us to help soo many deserving animals in need.

 Angel for Animals Fund

One dog that we have currently up for adoption and that we have helped is a beautiful boxer/hound mix named Ally. Ally came to us from animal control as a stray in October and we soon noticed she needed a little extra TLC.  Ally is 8 years old and came in unspayed and had several mammary tumors that not only needed removal but also needed to be sent out for biopsies.  We were able to remove Ally's tumors but sadly there is a chance of recurrence.

Ally however is a good spirit.  She is a sweet and mellow gal who really just wants a nice loving home to live out her days. It would be so much more comfortable than the shelter kennels.  Ally's ideal home would be one with a big cushiony bed that she can call her own. Though she might enjoy a good snuggle on the couch of course if someone really wants to spoil her a bit. She is probably going to be fine around cats, she doesn't seem to pay much attention to them.  She may be a little vocal at times, she does like to show off her great singing voice. Also,  she gets along well with many dogs but she would prefer a mellow canine companion since a youngster jumping all over her might be a little too overwhelming for her.

Do you think you may just be the perfect home for this awesome girl? Come in and meet her or check out her petfinder page for some more info.

We would love to send her Home for the Holidays!!!

Ally's Petfinder Page