Is he a kitten or kangaroo? Meet Roo-Bob, our special cat
October 20, 2010


We have a very special cat with us that had been found hanging around some woods in Salem, NH at the beginning of October.  His two front legs appeared deformed and he was having some trouble walking on them.  It looks as though his back legs were growing per usual while the front ones were not.  This makes his back paws appear huge.  With long back legs and big back feet, and two short front legs, he really resembles a kangaroo!  Hence he was given the name Roo-Bob, short for Kangaroo Bob.  I am not making fun, mind you, he is an absolute love!  The second you touch Roo, he starts a furious purring.

I came in to work one day to find Dani, a staff member, carrying him around tucked in her zipped sweatshirt.  He sat in there content as can be and did not move- it was momma kangaroo carrying around her baby!  What a cool cat.  When the vet examined him, she discovered that his front paws were not fully formed and he his front left leg had been broken at the wrist joint.  It had to have been an old injury as it has healed.  She aged him at about 1-1 1/2 years old and not yet neutered.  She surmised that Roo is probably not in pain as he is baring down on the injured leg.  She also determined that it would not be absolutely necessary to perform surgery at this time since he seems to be getting around ok and not have pain.  However, it is not determined if he will need surgery, or even possibly the leg to be amputated, in the future.

Roo-Bob has been pulling at our heartstrings and I just adore him.  He is a little trooper-he gets himself around fine (a little slowly) and can jump on chairs, etc, really well (thanks to his large, healthy back legs and paws!).  I think this special guy is going to make someone very happy by being the best loving companion!

There's no stopping Dwight!

We have another special needs kitty that also has a leg deformity.  Dwight is an adorable 3-4 month old kitten that came to us with only 3 1/2 legs.  He hobbles around and plays just like any other kitten.  One of our vets here examined him and came to the conclusion that he is fine as is and would not need any treatment.  However, if the "stump" should start developing sores (he does rest on it and occasionally uses it as a foot), that veterinary care may be required.  Apparently this little guy was found abandoned in a diaper box.  Poor little guy. Despite a rough start to life, he is fun and social and will make a great pet for someone!

If you would like to hear more about these two special guys or may be interested in adopting them, please email me, Michelle, at  Unable to adopt right now?  If you would like to still help out our special needs animals, you can donate to our Angel for Animals Fund by clicking here.  Thanks for reading and for supporting our good cause!