Is that really a cat under all those mats?? Yes it's Gizmo and she's beautiful!
August 15, 2011

By Sheri

A few months ago at Nevins Farm we got a cat in a box. Something that is very common for us to see, however what was not common is that this poor cat was not only stuffed into a box that she couldn't turn around in but she was soo covered with mats that it took a team of vets and staff  to shave her down. The sheer amount of matting on this cat was shocking. when the mats were finally off poor Gizmo  literally was half her intake size. Gizmo's owners surrendered her to us as a euthanasia request because she was having what sounded like an urinary tract infection that her owners would not treat.

When you think of mats on an animal many people believe that it’s something that is just a grooming issue, but severe mating like in Gizmo’s case is not just neglect it’s very painful and unhealthy for the cat.  Once Gizmo was shaved down we where able to see that she was a large overweight cat so she was unable to groom herself properly and it was obvious that she was not getting the extra help from her previous home that she needed to in order to tend to what should have been a gorgeous tabby coat. Gizmo is about 11 years old and sadly had been in her matted condition for a very very long time.

Gizmo has been residing in our main office space at Nevins Farm since soon after intake, there she has proven to be a cat with lots of personality.  You can frequently spot her lounging in the middle of the offices just watching the world go by, or strolling around taking everything in. She can be quite a talker and will greet you with a friendly meow when you enter the room. One of her favorite activities is to sit at your feet or in a quiet nook of the room and hang out with you when you work. Now and then she will offer a meow just to let you know she is still there. Gizmo is a little shy of new people at first and does still seem to be a little sensitive to touch in some places,( due to her mats) but this should improve over time. Once she gets to know you however she really does enjoy head, and chin rubs and will lean in for affection or sit on your lap to enjoy some pampering.

With her years of neglect behind her Gizmo is ready and willing to get on with her new life. She will be a wonderful companion in an adult household that is looking to take in a mellow cat with lots of love to still give. Given her state on intake it is not surprising that this cat still has some challenges ahead of her, but with the help of a loving home we feel she will continue to improve an give you much joy in return.  She does need to lose some weight still to be able to groom herself properly and is on a special diet for this, She will also need some help until she is at a healthy weight with her grooming,  but she truly loves to be brushed. She is social and will probably do well with another mellow cat and possibly a dog in the home.

So come meet this special fabulous feline. Ask for her by name at the front desk, We will be happy to show her off to you! Many of our staff at Nevins have really grown to love this chunky girl and I'm sure with a little patience she can win over you as well.

Here is a link to her petfinder page.