Jack and Edie two fun dogs hoping for great homes
May 22, 2011

By: Sheri

Some times our animals at Nevins Farm may stay with us for awhile before they end up finding their perfect family. Two of our longer term residents are two pit bull terriers, Jack and Edie. Both of them we feel will really be good companions for the right person or family and you may see us this week putting a lot of effort into finding them that special home. Edie and Jack Days are this weekend 5/28 & 5/29 in the adoption center. Over the weekend will be highlighting their training progress through out the day, showing off their wonderful personalities and our MOD squad will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Stop on in!

Jack is a black young pittie only about 10 months old. He came to us in January from a home that just had too many animals and he wasn't getting the attention he needed. He's very bright and a fast learner and boy does he keep us on our toes. Jack catches on quick with training and is very eager to learn. Our behavior MOD squad has been working with him closely for many months and he has improved greatly with his training. He's attentive, working on his housebreaking, social, and loves to play. His Ideal home would be one where he is an only dog, probably no cats, and a person who is willing to continue his training after he leaves. We did send him to an overnight with one of our MOD squad members and he was great. No accidents in the home, very much a snuggler and fun on walks. If he sounds like a good match for you please come over and see him.  At the shelter we are trying to keep him busy by providing him with a public toy toss,so you may see him in his kennel with a huge pile of stuffed animals and balls to play with. 

Edie is another great pit bull available, she has been with us Nov 2010 and has made huge steps in her training since her arrival. She's a young brindle colored pit bull about 1.5 years old who came to us a stray so we don't have much of a history on her. At the shelter she was very high energy at first so we got her started training with our MOD squad. They have been working on teaching her that calm behavior gets her the "prize". Which in her case is treats. The training has worked so well that now she is a little bit of a chunk I might say (sorry Edie). She loves other dogs and is frequently used to help us evaluate how well new dogs meet others. She's a little rough and tumble with her play but really she's all wags, tackles, and play bows. She truly loves to play and you can tell!! Her Ideal home is one with older kids (teens+), probably no cats since she has no history with them, and maybe another dog but they would need to not mind some rough housing. She will also be fine being a single dog with play dates with buddies.

Both of these dogs are terrific and just waiting patiently til the right person comes in. Could that be you? Please stop in and take a look at them and we will be happy to talk you about them.

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