Kitten Shower, Our foster families need your support
May 23, 2011

By: Sheri

It's that time of year again, Spring in underway and Summer is almost here and the kittens are beginning to arrive in our surrender lobby. Last year Nevins Farm sent thousands of kittens and pregnant moms into foster until they were ready to be adopted. Our foster families provide a safe environment for these cat and kittens , for a few days, for few weeks, or even sometimes a few months. We currently have about 120 foster homes in our program and in order for them to care for the number of kittens  and other animals we take in we greatly depend on donations. Almost 25% of all the animals we adopt out at Nevins have been helped in some way by our foster program. 

In the Lobby of our shelter we are currently hosting a "Kitten Shower" to help spread the word and get the supplies we need. Items that we need to help care for the staggering amount of kittens we take in range from milk replacement for bottle fed newborns, kitchen scales to monitor weight,  toys to provide enrichment, and even extra blankets and beds to provide them with comfort.

At the kitten Shower we are selling raffles tickets for baskets. There is a cat volunteer on hand to answer questions about kittens that are in foster and what their needs are. We even will have a bake sale to help raise funds over the weekend. Come down and take a look.

With so many kittens coming into our shelter support from the public for our foster program is essential. Keep in mind,  we get no government funding so every dollar, every penny and every blanket donated to us really helps us care and place thousands of homeless cats and kittens in to loving homes yearly!

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