Law Enforcement case brings us emaciated puppies
September 1, 2010

Tumble and Pooh Bear (left to right)

Last week a rescue operation in Springfield turned into an MSPCA Law Enforcement case in which the owners of eleven pit bulls are facing charges of animal cruelty.  The three adult and eight puppies all were malnourished and emaciated.  Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center took them in and immediately began to care for the dogs.  Most of the puppies were put into foster care while we agreed to take two of the puppies, now named Pooh Bear and Tumbler.  For the official press release, click here. For

Pooh Bear, the larger more confidant one, weighed in at 18 pounds upon intake.  Tumble, the tiny shy guy, weighed in at 14 pounds, 7 ounce.  At six months, these pit bull terriers should be a lot heavier.  We were immediately alarmed at Tumbler's appearance as all you see is bones.  Pooh is in better condition but still needs to sport several more pounds.  They are ravenous, gulping down food and begging for treats.  Thankfully, in spite of their hunger, they have both passed our food bowl test in which we look for guarding issues that, in many cases, might convert to a bite.  They did not show signs of guarding their food which is one big check mark on their way to the adoption floor!  Next we will do a handling test with them to get to know their temperament and personality better, as well as see how they are with stranger dogs and cats (dog tests are always done on leash as a precaution and cats are safe in their kennels at all times).

They are being fed three average meals a day of puppy food mixed with canned food for extra calories.  I weighed them today, just five days after their first weigh in here, and Pooh has gained just over two pounds and Tumbler gained six ounces (he has a way to go.).  They are being taken out for walks and playtime often throughout the day.  They are really two cute little guys that we are hoping will make someone a loving companion).

Cutie Pooh Bear

I will be following their progress while they are here and will be posting updates- so stay tuned!  If you have any questions about Pooh Bear and Tumble, feel free to contact me, Michelle, at or call us at 978-687-7453, press 8, and enter extension 6101.  If you would like to contribute for their care, donations would be welcome.  Click here to donate.  Thank you for your ongoing support!