Callie a Senior Shih Tzu with lots of Love to Give!
February 14, 2012

By Sheri

Callie is an 11 year old spayed female who came in to us as a transfer from the TJO Shelter in Springfield where she was surrendered because her owner was ill and could no longer care for her. Callie is a real sweetheart and wants nothing more than to cuddle up to a person and get her head and belly rubbed. In her previous home Callie was a mellow girl who enjoyed lounging in her dog bed, short walks, rides in the car, and of course snuggles.

Upon Callie's arrival at our shelter we noticed that she really does not navigate new areas well. She loves being walked but whoever is handling her has to be a little careful because this sweet girl has very limited eyesight due to mature cataracts and will run into things without guidance. It doesn't seem to faze Callie much when she occasionally bumps her nose, with her easy going personality she just calmly puts her head up wags her tail and changes direction. Sadly sight isn't the only medical issue that Callie faces. We are still looking into what continued treatment Callie would need in an adoptive home but whatever it is there is one thing I am sure of is that she will be a sweet companion to her new owners.

Why consider a senior dog? Yes seniors may need a little extra help with medical care but they can make absolutely loving companions. Senior dogs will not be begging for you to take them for a jog 3 times a day. Senior dogs will most likely not chew up your favorite pair of sneakers or jump up on your countertops to steal food. Seniors, like Callie, will however be content sitting on the couch with you watching whatever movie you'd like. They won't complain that they are not in the mood to watch a romantic comedy or the Shining for the 7th time this week.

So consider opening your home to this special dog. She should be at home curled up on her bed enjoying the sun shining through the window. not in a shelter.

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