Meet Eileen a very special rabbit looking for a home.
April 25, 2011

Written by Sheri

One of our very special animals we have available at Nevins Farm for adoption is a large Californian rabbit by the name of Eileen.

Eileen came to us as an owner surrender after she sustained a front leg injury.  Eileen used to love to snuggle with her owner at bedtime. One night the family forgot to put Eileen back in her cage before they fell asleep. That night, Eileen's front leg got pinned and she suffered nerve damage. The family decided to bring her in to us since her care was more than they could handle.

At Nevins Farm our vet team was able to successfully remove her front leg at her shoulder, giving her a new chance at life. Rabbits who have their front leg removed face some new challenges like regaining balance, and cleaning themselves adequately.  However Eileen has proved that these new challenges are no match for her and she quickly started leaping out of her ring pen and jumping up and down the stairs at her foster home.

Now back at the shelter sadly Eileen's challenges weren't over, she was found to have symptoms of Pasteurella, which is an upper respiratory infection in rabbits. She is undergoing treatment for that but we are hopeful that she will be well enough to make it too our adoption floor soon.  Until then she is available to meet adopters you just need to ask for her at the front desk.

During her stay at Nevins she can frequently be seen running free in our cat holding room were she loves to interact with cats that are also staying there.  One of her favorite buddies is a black cat by the name of Faith and the two of them are often chasing each other around the room. Eileen not only seems to love following the cats around but she also enjoyed the company of my two large dogs in my home while I was fostering her.

So, If you're looking for a wonderful rabbit to become part of your family please consider stopping in to meet Eileen. She may be special needs but don't tell her that since her handicap really doesn't slow her down at all, she's got a lot of spunk and we believe she will make a great addition to almost any home.

Can't adopt? Consider sponsoring a Nevins Farm animal or make a donation to our Angels for Animals Fund. You will be helping to give animals like Eileen the medical care they need.

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