Meet Missy a Special Needs Bunny With a Ton of Personality
February 28, 2012

By Sheri

Missy is an English Spot Rabbit that is now up for adoption. Missy came in facing many issues and has come such a long way we wanted to share her story. She originally was surrendered to us as a euthanasia request because she wasn't eating or going to the bathroom on her own.  After our vet team looked at her and diagnosed her with GI stasis, something that is very common in bunnies, where her digestive tract has essentially slowed down to a halt, we realized that we wanted to try to see if we could get things well "moving again".  During her first week at the shelter Missy was force fed everyday, given fluids and kept on pain meds and after just about 36 hours we were beginning to see some improvement. She still had months more of treatment ahead of her, so we sent Missy into foster with a dedicated and caring volunteer who is also a member of our small animal task force, Kathy.

In Foster care Missy made huge strides and is now to the point that she can officially start looking for a new loving home. Her Foster mom Kathy wrote up a great summary of what her time in foster care was like, below:

Missy was brought to the MSPCA because her owner could no longer provide her with the care she needed and they felt her health was declining. They tried to self treat their rabbit for fur balls  with olive oil (not beneficial) figuring that was the underlying problem with her  but she wasn't getting better, Instead, Missy became very sick and lost most of her fur under her neck. Rabbits, like cats, will groom themselves when they think they are dirty.  In this case, Missy “over-groomed” herself.

Soon, Missy stopped eating and became emaciated. She wasn't getting proper nutrition and her body was struggling.

The staff and volunteers at the MSPCA bathed her multiple times to eliminate the Olive oil on her fur and put her on an Emergency Nutrition Diet for Rabbits to try to get her digestive system working properly again.  The team did not expect her to survive.

But Missy did survive and flourish. 

With a balanced diet of Fresh Hay, Bunny Pellets, and lots of Fresh Vegetables, she will continue to be one Happy Bunny.  She currently loves a daily variety of Romaine Lettuce, Parsley, Carrots, Green Beans, Broccoli, Red Pepper, and Celery leaves. Fresh veggies will keep her digestion on track.

She is a very clean bunny and is Litter Boxed Trained. She loves to run around on her own. When she was first brought in, she couldn’t even hop,  her back legs were so weak. Now, she even enjoys romping around the kitchen floor. She loves to be cuddled and enjoys being petted.

Missy is a very personable bunny. She has two Basset Hounds as friends at her foster home and loves to run around the kitchen and play with them. If by chance, the pups get a little to frisky, Missy thumps her back paws to let them know who is in charge!!

She will need a flat bottom cage, not a wire bottom. She had to have her outer front nails on both paws removed. It seems the nails got caught in her original wire bottom cage and then started to grow upside down. Both nails got infected and needed to be removed.

One thing to mention, she does not like to be held in the dark – it is best to handle her during the daytime or having a light on.  She loves to be part of the family in the evening when everyone is watching TV. She will let you know when she wants to go back to her cage when she starts to gently nibble on your clothes – a sign she needs to pee.

Her foster Mom will truly miss her, but hopes there is someone out there that will give Missy all the love and attention she deserves.  She is one AWESOME bunny!

So If you are interested in meeting this great rabbit please check out her petfiner link, Missy

and stop in and talk to us at Nevins Farm.