MSPCA Teams up with Pittielove Rescue to Bring Beyond the Myth to Arlington
September 27, 2011


By Sheri

On Thursday Sept 17th the MSPCA teamed up with Pittilove Rescue to bring Libby Sherrill’s documentary Beyond the Myth to Arlington, for it's Boston area premiere. The event was attended by a nearly sold out crowd of around 400 at the Regent Theater.
 The documentary focused on exploring the impact of breed specific legislation in US cities that have a ban. The documentary shows the impact of these bans in cities such as San Francisco, Denver, Cincinnati, and Miami to just name a few. Sadly in those areas thousands of pit bull and pit bull mixes are euthanized yearly just because of their breed.  
 Another point the documentary touched was why Pit Bulls may have gotten such reputation over the years. Much of the blame was put on the media. How often do you hear of a story in the media of a Pit Bull incident? The headline almost always focuses on the breed. However, when another dog incident is reported from a lab or a hound, Is the breed even mentioned at all? Why focus primarily on the breed in some cases and not in others? The image portrayed by most media outlets on pit bulls is vastly different from the athletic, loyal, loving dog that they truly can be. 
 Pit Bulls are a very misunderstood breed in the US and the MSPCA works very hard to try to help change this dogs image in the media. We have programs such as our Pit Pals that targets spaying and neutering pit bulls in MA and educates owners on the responsibility and care required  of having this loyal and affectionate dog.

 Still need and example of a truly amazing dog? On hand at the event was Michael Vicks “bait dog” Cherry. Cherry was used to sadly determine the fighting potential in other dogs. Cherry was rescued from Michael Vicks Bad Newz Kennels and sent to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah for rehabilitation and training. Cherry is truly a success story and was even on hand at the Beyond the Myth premiere. Adopted out of the Best Friends Sanctuary two years ago Cherry is now an ambassador for the pit bull breed and how loving they can be. Cherry even shares her home with a female pit bull named Madison. Cherry looks to his new friend for confidence and support and really seems like a happy well taken care of dog now. It was great that she was on hand for the event.

 October is Pit Bull Month at the MSPCA!

Please check out our website for many wonderful pit bull awareness events, and facts about this great breed. 


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