Nevin's Farm Tree Lighting & Feast of the Horses a Huge Success!
December 5, 2010

 Wicked Good Cupcakes!
Santa visted with the kids and animals 

The Nevin's Farm Tree Lighting and Feast of the Horses went off without a hitch this weekend!  It was a full house as people came to the shelter to witness our first annual tree lighting, combined with the resurgence of the Feast of the Horses.  After Director Mike Keiley said a few words, we lit our two beautiful Christmas trees, honoring the many pets whose names and pictures decorated them.  Earlier in the month, people were able to donate money to have an ornament with their pet's name or picture placed on the tree.  Many people wrote in to the shelter with a heartwarming story about a pet who they had adopted from Nevin's Farm, and how that pet had touched their lives.  One story that we felt was especially touching was the story of Cody, a dog adopted by the Ardizzone family, who recently passed away.  Mike read their story to the crowd, and I think it resonated in the hearts of all us, as we have all been touched by an animal (or more!) who have come into our lives by way of the shelter.  I am often asked by people how I can do the work that I do, and it's stories like Cody's that make my job 100% worth doing every day - knowing how happy we have made a family and their animal never gets old.

After the tree was lit, we all gathered in the lobby for some refreshments and the best tasting cupcakes I have ever had, generously donated to the shelter by Wicked Good Cupcakes for the event.  They were almost too beautiful to eat!  People were able to visit in the small animal shelter and see the many cats, dogs, and small animals who are awaiting their forever homes this holiday season. It was a great chance for staff, volunteers, adopters, and the public to get together and have fun spreading some holiday cheer!  Thank you to all of the people who worked so hard to plan and set up for this event, and thank all of you who have made holiday donations to the shelter, we couldn’t do what we do without your support!