Occupied Cat Colony?? Soo Many Bunnies Hoping for Homes.
November 14, 2011

By Sheri

We had a huge success in our fee waived adult cat adoption event on the weekend of Nov 5th and 6th. Nevins Farm sent home 148 adult cats over the two days and cleared out not only a whole cat colony room but also two of our holding rooms.

So what are we doing with all the excess space?? Currently at Nevins Farm we have over 36 adoptable rabbits in our care. With this number of rabbits many of the bunnies just weren't getting the floor time or training and socializing they needed on a daily basis.  So our Director Mike Keiley came up with an interesting idea. Why not take the extra space created from our cat adoption event and utilize it to give the bunnies not only some extra exposure but some more one on one attention?

In our Cat Colony room we set up 5 ring pens and moved in  rabbits.  Each ring pen is set up with a hay filled litterbox, a wooden or plastic house, some handmade toys and food/water bowls.  For the flooring of the ring pens we used blankets so they can be cleaned easily daily. The colony room is working great to allow potential adopters to go in and meet the rabbits in a quiet and stress free environment. Peeking in through the colony door you can often see all five bunnies just sprawled out on the floor some sunbathing in the light shining through the windows and others just lounging enjoying the break from the sometimes very crowded rabbit adoption room.

We also moved ring pen enclosures into two offices for rabbits being clicker trained and socialized.

In the dog training office one of my favorite rabbits by the name of Yoshi can be found. Yoshi is a 2 year old male lop who came to us because his family had to many and he was was ill and they couldn't treat. At Nevins, Yoshi was treated for months for upper respiratory illness. Yoshi is a slightly shy rabbit right now but with the steady encouragement of positive reinforcement and clicker training he is making strides every day. He will do best in a somewhat mellow home that is preferably rabbit experienced and looking for a spunky guy to be their bunny buddy. If you give the time to get to know Yoshi he will warm up to you by providing soft nose nudges for attention and will sit quietly purring on your lap while being stroked. With a little patience and a caring home I do believe he will be a wonderful bunny for some lucky family.

We do also have a ring pen set up in our cat holding room so our curly coated gray rex rabbit Vincent could even get some floor time. Vincent came to us many months ago and like Yoshi came in sadly in very poor condition. Vincent's belly was covered with thickened skin which we believe is from many months of irritation from being housed on a wire bottom cage. He was painful, had nasal discharge and shied away from touch and human contact. At the shelter we have been treating Vincent for his upper respiratory issues and have been working steadily on his socializing. He even got to take a bit of a break in foster care for about a month. In foster he really opened up and showed his caregivers what a sweet and cuddly bunny he can be.

If you are interested in meeting Vincent or Yoshi Just see a staff member when you get to Nevins Farm and we will be happy to introduce you to them. They really do deserve great homes so come and meet them. Here is their petfinder pages links below.

Vincent  Yoshi

We are excited not only to provide our bunnies with some much needed enrichment but to be able to show adopters how ring pen set ups can work well in a home like environment.  Rabbits are currently the third most popular indoor pet and can be so much fun to have for companionship. So please find out more about them and come in and ask us how to have a rabbit become a wonderful member of your family.