Schools Out Cats Are In!
June 12, 2012

By : Sheri

Summer is going into full swing at the MSPCA Nevins Farm . What does that mean for us? Lots and Lots of animals,  Lots of foot traffic,  and hopefully loads of adoptions!
On June 22nd  through June 24th we are running our first adoption event of the summer season.  Schools Out and Cats are In! Reduced adoption fees on all adult cats over the age of 1 year to only $50.  Help us send all of our great adult cats home that weekend!

One of my favorite cats currently looking for a home is a super chubby 6 year old dilute tortie by the name of Abby. Abby tips the scale at 15.5lbs so this big girl could really use a weight loss plan to get her back down to a healthy size.  Typically when I go into the cat room to visit with Abby she is right up at the front of her townhouse cage seeking attention from whoever will give it. Immediately when touched she leans in for a snuggle with her soft purring constantly in the background. 

Abby has a ton of personality and this is quickly evident to everyone that meets her.
Due to Abby’s weight she isn’t super fond about being carried around but will run right up to you when you call for her and loved snuggling on her owners bed to watch a movie or just hang out.  Abby’s favorite past times are chasing after a laser pointer ( okay maybe a bit more slowly than some cats, but still very cute.) She also loves any toys with feathers.

So thinking of adopting a cat? Come meet Abby, she’ll melt your heart.  She has melted mine.