Home for the Holidays!
December 1, 2011

By Sheri

Holidays are upon us and for most people they mean, time spent with family and friends. Days off relaxing around a fireplace or playing in the snow. Sitting drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate snuggling up with your dog by the Christmas tree reading a favorite book perhaps?

What are holidays like at Nevins Farm? Well, a bit melancholy for me. I see the long lines of animals still being surrendered because people can no longer afford to care for them, some are leaving and don’t want to deal with getting pet sitters, some are being surrendered for medical reasons, some just don’t have time, and the worst ones for me are the ones where they can’t give me an answer why they are bringing their pet in they just say they don’t want them anymore. Yes we are open admission so we won’t turn these animals away. We will do our best to find them homes when we can.
Xmas day at the shelter will be quiet for these animals sitting in cages or kennels waiting to be cleaned, feed, walked or played with by one of our staff members or volunteers. At Nevins Farm we try soo hard to provide enrichment and companionship to the animals we house but with sometimes over 400 in our main building alone this task can be overwhelming and the animals spend most of the day truly by themselves. For the staff and volunteers at Nevins holiday time can be wonderful seeing a new companion animal find their match and make their way back out our front doors towards home with their new family, but it can also be very sad as we look around and see all the other pets still waiting sometimes for months or more for that special person to come along. 
I have always adopted my animals from shelters and I can say they all have been such a special part of my life. One of my current dogs Crosby was adopted from Nevins Farm 2.5 years ago now and he truly makes me smile everyday that I spend with him. He’s a big goofball and yes sometimes I feel that he is a little lacking in the brains department but I would never trade him for anything. If I’m having a bad day he’s right there next to me with his big sometimes stinky mouth to jump right in and give me kisses.  I am very happy that I took this big spotted pup home and hopefully by visiting Nevins Farm you can find your own best friend like I did.
Open your home and give one of these displaced animals the love they deserve.  Even if your not sure what kind of pet your looking for our knowledgeable volunteers and staff will be happy to talk to you and hopefully help you find the perfect match.

Visit our petfinder page to see just a sampling of all the wonderful companion animals that we have waiting and hoping to get “Home for the Holidays”.  Please, help us send them all home!!

Nevins Farm Petfinder Page