SPF 75 Come Adopt a Cat and Join the FUN!
June 26, 2011

By Sheri

This month at Nevins Farm we have been holding our SPF 75 adoption promotion. SPF  stands for "Seeking Purrfect Familes"  and the 75 refers to the reduced adoption of only $75c dollars for all adult cats aged 1 year and up!

Over the Summer months our shelter gets absolutely flooded with great cats in need of terrific homes. So far this month we have been able to place about 75 adult cats as part of our promotion. Keep in mind though we still have a huge number of cats still waiting to meet their perfect families.

With the SPF 75 promotion with any adult cat that you adopt you get a chance to show off your new friend on facebook with a photo of your and your new cat in our  beach scene picture station. Here you will see a picture of our staff showing you just how much fun this picture station can be! Oh and don't worry that really isn't a live shark in the picture. It's just a prop I promise.

One of our adult cats at Nevins who has been waiting for some time for his chance at a home is Albert. Albert is a beautiful Siamese mix who was left sadly in a box in our lobby. As you can see from his pictures and video he is very playful.  Did I mention he will have you mesmerized by his gorgeous blue eyes?

 For Albert we are looking for an adult home to fully enjoy him. He is an independant fellow who loves to explore and seek out affection when he pleases. Yes he truly would love to be king of his castle.  Dogs would not be an issue with him and he also gets along fine with other cats.  His favorite activity when he is not playing with his toys? Well its sitting on a nearby chair and watching you work.  Come meet him today, while he is not on the adoption floor just ask for him at the front desk and we will be happy to tell you more and bring you back to see handsome boy!

Here is a link to Albert's petfinder page. Albert  (Make sure you check out his video!) So Come have fun, find a great cat,  and get your picture taken to capture the moment. It's a great way to start the summer!