SPF Cat Adopt-A-Thon a Huge Success!
September 13, 2011

By Sheri

Over the weekend of Aug 27th and 28th the MSPCA hosted its first ever “ Fee Waived” Adopt-A-Thon.  During this weekend we were celebrating the end of a long summer by waiving the adoption fee on all adult cats over the age of one. This promotion was made possible through the help and support of our generous MSPCA supporters.

Saturday the 27th the shelter extended its hours from 12-6 and the amount of animals that left the shelter for their homes put tears in the eyes of many staff members and volunteers. Saturday when the shelter opened we had a line of people out the door, just waiting to find their new Feline Friend. As the cat were adopted their names were being written on the glass windows entering the our cat adoption room. seeing the names of our cats that had in some cases been lingering the shelter cages for many months being written up as finally going home was truly the highlight for many people in attendance that day.

As  Saturday, day one ended. We had placed close to 100 animals. I was great to hear just how many people showed up to find a great adult cat to bring into their family.

Sometimes you just can’t plan for weather however and our day two of the Adopt-A-T had to be cancelled due to our run in with the hurricane traveling up the coastline.  Even though officially our shelter had to close that day we did have some brave souls make the trip up through the downpours and wind, so even Sunday some cats got to go home!

Given our closure on the 28th we extended the Adopt-A-Thon for a couple more days and continued with the fee waived adoptions on the 30th and 31st.

All in all our first fee waived Adopt-A-Thon was nothing short of truly amazing and at the end of the event I am happy to say the MSPCA  shelters sent home a staggering 232 adult cats during the event and additionally 40 kittens went home also.  Events like this really could not be possible except through help of private donations and support from the public so again we thank you and we are ecstatic that so many of our wonderful cats found loving homes.

If you want to make a donation to help support future events like this one please consider visiting our “Ways to Help" page.

Ways to Help

oh and just an update from a previous blog Harrison did go home on day one of the event!