Support the 2012 Walk for Animals Teams
August 14, 2012

By: Sheri

The MSPCA  2012 Walk for Animals is just over a month away and we could really use your help. As of today we have raised around 19,000 dollars. Its a great start but we do have a long way to go. At Nevins Farm you will see all kinds of information on the Walk and even larger than life cut outs on our front lawn to raise money.

The Nevins Farm Walk will take place in Newbury this year at the Spencer Peirce Little Farm. Its a great family and dog friendly event that is lots of fun for everyone who comes.

At the event we have vendor booths, dog agility demos and trials, canine contests, face painting, raffles,  a jumping house and lots of delicious food.

At the MSPCA Nevins Farm each year we take in almost 7000 animals annually and we don't receive any government funding. The Walk for Animals is our biggest fund raising event of the year

If you can't go to the event,  but want to donate to one of our of shelter's teams that are walking? Check out these links. 
One team is the Opt for Adopt Team. Opt to Adopt
another is the Small Animals Rock! Team. Small Animals Rock!

All the funds raised go to helping animals at the MSPCA like Joshua.

Joshua is a Pitbull that came to us back on 6/12. The info we got from the person who brought Joshua in said they took him in when they were shown a picture of the dog by a friend. the picture showed a young male pit bull so severely underweight that his head appeared to be at least 5 times larger than it should be. On intake every one of Joshua’s ribs showed through. He only weighed around 34# pounds, Joshua’s ideal weight should have been close to 55 pounds.

Since intake our behavior Mod squad has been spending lots of time training Joshua. He is working hard on his sits, downs, loose leash walking and general obedience.  He is also getting very close to where he should be weight wise. Joshua’s ideal home would be one where his family has time to continue his training.  He'd probably do best as the only pet (no small animals please) unless he is paired up with a  rough and tumble sturdy playful dog.  Joshua loves people ( ideally teens and up)  and works hard for positive reinforcement in clicker training.

To find out more about Joshua visit his petfinder page today. Joshua