Surrendered Guinea Pig Gets 2 Dads
August 8, 2011

By: Sheri

We never quite know what is going to pop through our doors as far as surrenders. This week was no exception.  One animal that was handed to us at the front desk was a single white, tan and chocolate colored smooth coated  cavy (guinea pig) who we named Bugsey. Single baby guinea pigs do really crave and need company, so when this little cutie was given to us we tried him in cages with some of our other adult male guinea pigs that we had up for adoption. In the first couple cages this little newcomer was chased out of houses and away from the food, so we kept trying until we found the perfect match with our resident pigs Pecan and Bartholomew. Bartholomew is a tricolor smooth coat boar and Pecan is a gorgeous orange and white sillky mix. These two mellow guys were also single guineas when they first arrived at the shelter. Bartholomew was left outside our surrender door one day before we opened, and Pecan was brought in because his family had to leave their home. 
So how are these three gentleman getting along now? Great. Both Pecan and Bartholomew have taken Bugsy in as their own. Bugsy will zoom around the cage from one "dad" to the next for grooming and even will follow them around while they explore during floor time.  It's truly proving to be a good match.

So thinking of adopting a guinea pig? Just to give you a quick overview. Guinea pigs are social, gentle animals. In most cases they really crave the company of other guineas. Piggies love to be held in general and while they may take a little while to warm up initially they can make very loving companion animals.  Guineas are strict herbivores and need a high quaility diet of Timothy hay, guinea pig pellets  and fresh veggies rich in vitamin C.  Guineas being ground animals require lots of  floor room in their cage. The more floor space you can give them the better and solid bottom cages are absolutely essential.

One of my personal favorite things about guinea pigs are their vocal noises. Guineas communicate through a large range of vocal sounds, such as chirping, wheeking and chattering. A guinea pig owner will quickly be able to tell the mood of their piggy by what sounds they are making.

Again Guinea Pigs make great pets and while they do require some extra cage cleaning over some of the other small animals, they are worth the effort.  Currently at Nevins Farm we have about 30 awesome cavies available for adoption. Please stop in today, we will be happy to tell you all about them and hopefully find you a perfect piggy pair, trio, or even a buddy for your current guinea pig.

Here is a link to their petfinder page

Bartholomew and Pecan