Ten months at the shelter is way too long. Please help us get Brenna and Bella "Home for the Holidays"
December 13, 2011

By Sheri


For the Holidays at Nevins Farm we would like nothing more than to see some of our long term resident animals find a great home.



Brenna is a 5 year old Chow mix that has been with us since March and came in as a stray.

I know just a few weeks ago I mentioned Brenna on the blog, but in the spirit of the season I want to mention her again. We would love to see her find a great home and send her home for the Holidays!


During our recent tree lighting Brenna even was able to see santa and share this holiday wish with the man himself.


During her stay at Nevins Brenna has truly come a long way in her training. Brenna is taken out for walks multiple times throughout the day by our MOD Squad trainers and during those sessions she is working on such skills as loose leash walking, not jumping, learning verbal commands and working on being calm around other dogs.


Brenna is looking to find a wonderful family with maybe teens and up that can continue to work with her training and give her lots of enrichment. Though I must say she has proven herself to be quite good at lounging also since many times when I walk by her room at the shelter I can catch a glimpse of her doing nothing more but laying on her back with her feet up in the air snoring away.


Please come in and meet this chunky but endearing girl today.


Brenna's petfinder page



Another long term resident that we currently have at the shelter is Bella the gerbil. Bella has also been with us since March and came to the shelter simply because they said they “outgrew” her. 


Bella is currently about 3 years old so she is a senior gerbil.  Even at her age though she still loves spending a lot of time running at full speed on her silent spinning wheel and will come right up and take treats out of your hands. Bella does appear to be missing part of her tail from an old injury but truly it doesn’t slow her down in the least.


Bella's petfinder page