A curly coated rabbit?? We have one. He's Vincent, and he's looking for a great home.
December 29, 2011

By Sheri

Back in May of this year we took in a very unusual rabbit by the name of Vincent. Vincent is a satin curly coated rex rabbit, a breed which I have never seen at our shelter before. His coat has a beautiful blue wave to it that truly sets him apart as an unusual and unique boy.  Vincent was an owner surrender because his family was moving and no longer was able to care for him.  In his previous home Vincent was kept in a tiny cage with a wire bottom and never got time out of his cage.  By the time Vincent came to us his belly was covered with scar tissue from resting on the wires of his cage for years. Poor Vincent never being handled on a regular basis was nervous of human contact and would whimper anytime someone went to pick him up.

On Vincent's initial health check we also noticed that the bunny was struggling with Pasteurella. Pasteurella is a very common rabbit illness and presents itself typically by thick white nasal discharge and sneezing. Most rabbits have been exposed to pasteurella however rabbits that are under stress or in unsanitary conditions are more prone to coming down with symptoms.  We started Vincent on a round of antibiotics and moved the rabbit into cat holding so that he would be isolated from the other rabbits. In rabbit holding Vincent was receiving medical treatment every day for months however he was still acting nervous around people. We decided the best place for Vincent was one of our very experienced rabbit foster homes to not only continue his care but work on socializing him.

In foster, he spent time with one of Our Small Animal Task Force Volunteers, Kelly. She did a great job of getting Vincent more comfortable with people and by the time he returned he truly seems like a different bunny. Vincent now craves attention and while he is still living in our cat holding he is constantly going up to the front of his ring pen for pats and treats. He is a social fellow who loves to just lounge around with his people friends now.

Come in and meet this gorgeous and mellow bunny today.

Here is a link to his petfinder page.