Volunteering in Memory of a Beloved Pet
March 1, 2011

 Michele & Scott's Guinea Pig Family featured on a cabinet
 The main office area before Michele tackled it
 The stunning 'After', with items easily accessible!

From Heather:

One of the wonderful things about adopting an animal from Nevins Farm (aside from a fantastic new family member!) is that our adopters become part of our Nevins community.  We forge relationships with our adopters, which can last over years, and even the life spans of several animals in a home.  Our adopters become our friends, our supporters, and our volunteers.  Such is the case with Michele Matties of No Worries® Organizing, and her partner Scott Miller, who joined the Nevins family several years ago with the adoption of a young guinea pig named Mac.  Mac was part of a large surrender of guinea pigs, over 100, which made the news because of its unusual nature.  This drew in Michele & Scott, and it was love at first sight.

Sadly, last year, Mac passed away, and Michele & Scott let us know of his passing.  Even though we are always sad to lose one of our own, we were so glad to know that Mac's life was full of love and caring, and that his life had meaning beyond his small guinea pig frame.  In memory of Mac, and in honor of his guinea pig friends that share their lives with Michele & Scott, they volunteered to help at the Adoption Center, putting to good use the organizational skills of Michele's business.  Here is an excerpt about their volunteer project:

Michele Matties of No Worries® Organizing and partner Scott Miller spent 7 hours Xmas Eve giving back to an organization dedicated to helping animals in need, the MSPCA at Nevins Farm.  

Staff and volunteers are so busy with the business of taking care of the animals, they don't have the time to process donations of office and pet supplies.  A much needed makeover of the a central supply closet and adjacent areas was a great way to spend holiday time in Honor and in Memory of Michele’s much loved Guinea Pigs - three of which have come to her from their care.   Nevins Farm has seen a huge influx of surrenders due to financial difficulty in the last two years, but they have risen to the challenge. 
Michele says other animal shelters face similar situations. Short on staff and incredibly busy with animals, they would welcome any organizer who volunteers to help clean up their offices.

Kindness and care for animals can take many forms.  It doesn't always have to be in the guise of walking dogs, grooming horses, or feeding cats.  Whatever your skillset is, be it organizing, graphic design, baking cookies for bake sales, or performing music at an event, there is a shelter out there that can benefit from your help.  Reach out and offer your services - you'll be glad you did!  And thanks Michele and Scott for being part of the Nevins Family!