Two can be better than one.
February 7, 2012

By Sheri

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so it’s a great time to point out some of the cute bonded pairs of animals that we have available for adoption at Nevins Farm.

When we get rabbits that come in housed together we do everything we can to send them home as a pair. Rabbits have to “date” to bond and this process can take anywhere from just a few weeks to sometimes over a year. Rabbits are a social animal that really do crave the attention of other animals or people but it can also take them awhile to be willing to share their things.  At Nevins right now we have 7 pairs of bonded rabbits. If you are considering a bunny I would urge you to check out some of our pairs. These great rabbits get overlooked frequently because people are a bit hesitant to take on a set. I can tell you there are some really nice advantages to bringing home two. They always have company even if you work long hours, only one cage to clean since they share everything, bonded pairs are adorable together, and my favorite part twice the rabbit kisses!! Oh and did I mention you do get a reduced adoption fee when you adopt two of our bonded buns? It’s truly a win-win situation.

One adorable rabbit pair that we have available is Roberta a Tricolor New Zealand and Miranda a black New Zealand. These to females have been at our shelter since Oct when they can in because there where just too many in the home. Upon their arrival they were only  4 month old babies and they have sadly grown into adulthood in our care. Both of these rabbits love time lounging in the sun, cuddling up together in their hut, or following each other around during playtime.  Come meet them today you really won’t be disappointed.

Some other small animals that I’d like to draw attention to are our guinea pigs. Guinea pigs bond pretty quickly with other guinea pigs of the same sex usually and truly enjoy each others company. We always have lots of guinea pig pairs available and right now even a pair of nice tricolor smooth coated baby boys. Epignaey  and  Pigsqueak.  I am a little biased about this pair having fostering them myself but they are truly wonderful and I honestly don’t know why they are still waiting for a great home.

So, come find your match(es) today.
And check out our petfinder links to see all of our great pairs.

Adoptable Animals at Nevins Farm