$10 Toms promotion a huge success
March 2, 2012

 Two "Toms" recover on a warming blanket after surgery.

February is Spay-Neuter Awareness month at the MSPCA, and this year we celebrated with BIG programs for the public.  On February 4th and 5th, our three adoption centers hosted "Spay Day USA" clinics for owned cats and dogs, specifically targeting two high-risk populations: Pit Bull puppies and female cats.  At the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, we were able to offer reduced-fee surgeries to over 100 of these animals during this one weekend alone - an important service to local families in need of financial assistance.

Additionally, throughout the rest of the month, we offered our brand-new "$10 Toms" program.  This drop-off cat neuter program, which also included vaccines, only cost $10 to the public.  Clinics typically have difficulty getting male cats neutered through public assistance programs, so we wanted to make the program as easy, affordable, and appealing as possible.  Where male cats don't carry kittens, the public tends to forget that they are just as responsible for unwanted litters as females - their owners just don't have the responsibility of finding homes for the resulting kittens.  To help reach as many people as possible, we offered "$10 Toms" Tuesday through Friday throughout the month of February.  By month's end, we'd neutered more than 520 cats!  Left intact, these animals could contribute dramatically to the animal overpopulation problem, which places a substantial burden on animal shelters.

This program was made possible by generous contributions from donors.  We hope to be able to offer this program again in the future!  If you'd like to donate toward future clinics, please contact us at (978) 687-7453 x 6101.

A special thanks goes out to all of the veterinarians, technicians, and volunteers who helped make this program possible for the hundreds of cats that came through our doors.  Some days, our team of 1-2 vets and 1-2 techs were able to neuter nearly 40 cats.

To learn more about the importance of spay-neuter, animal overpopulation in the US, and programs for low-income families, please click here.