a litter of boxer puppies, Bella has an exam
September 2, 2010

At the adoption center, we always joke that summer starts in May and ends the day before Christmas.  There are more animals surrendered during the summer months than any other time of year, but fortunately there are also more adoptions.  The constant influx of animal keeps our medical team busy, busy, busy!


Dr. Lynch and Nancy examining Bella
 Bella receiving subcutaneous fluids


One recent patient was Bella, a previously adopted stray tiger cat who received a dental cleaning and tooth extraction prior to going home with her forever family.  She was brought back a few days later because of her sluggish behavior.  Dr. Lynch, with the assistance of our newest Vet Assistant, Nancy, examined Bella to rule out any possible infection.  As it turns out, Bella was just a little dehydrated.  They gave her subcutaneous (just under the skin) fluids and high calorie wet food to help her feel better.


The next afternoon, on August 25th, Dr. Klopfer spayed and neutered a litter of boxer puppies who had just returned from foster care.  The litter was surrendered at about 6 weeks of age, too young to be adopted.  The original owner did not intend to breed the puppies’ mother, but accidental pregnancies are almost inevitable when an intact female and male are sharing a living space.


 Sue anesthetizes one of the puppies before surgery
 Justin, Charlie, Callie, Louis, Will, and Stuart recovering from surgery

On intake, the six puppies were sent to foster care with one of our experienced foster families, who provided plenty of positive social interactions for the puppies—including gentle handling, exposure to a lot of friendly people, and practice wearing a collar and walking on a leash.


At about 11 weeks of age, the puppies returned to the adoption center for their spay/neuter surgeries (which they recover from more quickly at a young age) and to be placed for adoption.  Most of them went home to new families in a matter of days!