eye surgery for Miranda; surgical solutions for Dave & Cabo's broken bones
July 5, 2010

The last several weeks have been busy as usual in the Methuen Medical Suite!  In addition to the many routine spays and neuters done by our medical staff to get every dog, cat, and rabbit adoption-ready, our vets have been kept busy with a handful of other procedures, too.


Miranda being prepped for surgery

On the 17th of June, Dr. Wilmot performed eye removal surgery on Miranda, a 5-year-old miniature pinscher dog.  Miranda, a stray, was originally brought to the animal control facility in Springfield, but they didn’t have the resources to treat her medical condition.  Her left eye was sunken inside its socket and showed signs of chronic infection, either due to a condition she was born with or the result of a previous trauma.  Luckily, Miranda found a loving family to adopt her almost immediately, and was able to recover in the comfort of her new home.

Dave's radiographs (x-rays); notice his right femur compared to his left


Earlier that same week, a young Russian Blue cat was surrendered to Nevins Farm.  A concerned family noticed that he’d been limping around their neighborhood for several days.  They brought him to the MSPCA because they were worried that his owners, if he had any, were neglectful.  Though he didn’t seem to show any signs of pain, Dave (as he was named) did have a very unusual injury.  His x-rays showed that his right femur (thigh bone) was severely broken, but no other bones were damaged.  In cases where a cat is hit by a car, almost every time the pelvis is broken.  And where the femur is so dense, it’s unlikely that Dave’s injury was caused from a fall.  A more likely scenario is that he was kicked or suffered some other unknown injury.  Because of the extensive damage to his leg, the veterinarians decided that removing it entirely would be the best surgical option.  Dr. Lynch performed the surgery on June 23rd, and he has been recovering in our Medical Suite since.  Despite the dramatic loss of his leg, Dave seems to have adjusted extremely well!  He greets his visitors with a gentle face bump and shows everyone that he can get around just fine three-footed.


 Dave, recovering after surgery

And just recently, on the last Saturday in June, Dr. Klopfer came to the rescue of a young kitten, Cabo, who suffered from a bizarre accident in his foster home.  While playing, Cabo jumped on the family’s treadmill and got his foot caught between the belt and the brace underneath.  His family acted fast and rushed him to the MSPCA, where they met Dr. Klopfer and our volunteer vet technician, Heidi (both of whom came in on their day off to help out!).  Despite some initial concern that he might lose part of his whole paw or leg, he only lost parts of two toes (the two outermost knuckles on each).  Dr. Klopfer was able to perform surgery at the joint site to remove the crushed bones, which is preferable to having to cut through the bone itself.  Surgery went very well, and by the time the staff left that evening, he was purring, eating, & already hopping around, trying to use the affected leg just a bit.  And at his first check-up after surgery, Dr. Klopfer reported that (while his foot is still a bit swollen and bruised) he is a happy camper and should heal very well going forward.


Cabo’s story really highlights just how important it is to seek medical attention for emergencies as soon as possible.  While Nevins Farm isn’t able to offer emergency care for the general public, there are several emergency clinics in the area, including Angell Medical Center in Boston.  Without quick medical attention, little Cabo may have bled out from his injury, or suffered from a terrible infection.  Being able to provide him quick treatment and pain management was a huge relief to his foster family, and undoubtedly him as well!