free Pit Bull spay-neuter clinic, and Tag Day!
April 6, 2011

It's been super busy for the Methuen Medical vet team the last few weekends!  And thanks to a tremendous amount of volunteer support, from our regular animal care crew as well as our awesome volunteer vets, we've been able to offer special programs to assist the public in seeking much needed preventative care for their pets.

March 27th - Our First Free Pit Bull Spay-Neuter Clinic!

To kick off our new Pit Pals program, which offers assistance to Pit Bull owners in need of financial aid, we hosted a free spay-neuter clinic to local residents.  19 families were able to take advantage of this great opportunity, and receive free surgeries for their dogs.  Why did we offer this program for Pit Bulls only?  The MSPCA takes in a tremendous number of surrendered Pit Bulls each year, many the result of unwanted litters.  To prevent this trend, which puts strain on our entire dog adoption program, we decided to take a preventative, proactive approach.  Luckily, we were able to secure special funding from past Pit Bull adopters (who appreciate the need for these programs) to subsidize the cost of the surgeries.

To learn more about our new Pit Pals program, click here.  We offer a regular spay-neuter assistance program to Pit Bulls, which includes a microchip and vaccines, for $50 to families in financial need.

April 3rd - Our 4th Annual Tag Day!

Tag Day was a huge success this year!  For the last several years, we've offered reduced fee vaccines, microchips, and nail trims to the public's cats and dogs.  From 7-11am last Sunday, 224 clients visited to acquire these important (and potentially life-saving) vaccines for their pets.  Our next Tag Day is scheduled for this October, so please check back in the fall for more information.

But remember that it is VERY important that your pet receive his or her vaccines annually (especially the rabies vaccine!), so you shouldn't wait 6 months if your pet is due sooner.  Contact your vet for more information on healthy pet care and routine vaccines.