Maddie's knee surgery a success! - graphic photos
May 4, 2011

Dr. Alexander grinds and reshapes the bones in Maddie's leg
Using pins to stabilize the joint, Dr. Alexander checks the flexibility and movement of Maddie's leg
Maddie's leg a few hours after surgery, while she's in recovery

Yesterday, our volunteer veterinarian Dr. Suzanne Alexander, who has her own mobile vet practice, performed a special surgery on one of our recent adoptees.  Maddie, formerly Diva, is a 2-year old fox terrier mix dog.  She was surrendered by her first family, who had children, because they felt she would be best placed in an adult-only home.  Her new family adopted her just a few weeks ago and brought her back to us temporarily to receive surgery.

Maddie presented with a unique musculo-skeletal problem, in which her left knee cap was permanently dislocated from the joint.  This problem had been going on for quite some time, and as a result her mobility was affected.  This caused pain, so while we awaited the opportunity to surgically repair Maddie's knee, she was treated with daily pain medication.  Because her condition was advanced, the soft tissue in her joint was damaged to the point where the knee cap couldn't just be "popped" back into place - it was a much more complicated process to repair the joint, return her mobility, and end her pain.

Luckily, Dr. Alexander specializes in surgery and orthopedics, which allowed us to treat Maddie's condition in-house.  The procedure, for which Maddie was completely anesthetized, involved reshaping the bones of Maddie's leg to create a more functional joint in which the knee cap could rest.  This allows Maddie's muscles to strengthen around the new joint, and for new scar tissue to form and help hold the knee cap in place.

Maddie's prognosis is very good!  The vet team expects that her new knee joint will allow her to move about more freely, support her body weight more evenly, and eliminate the pain she experienced beforehand.


 Maddie, the day after surgery

after finishing her lunch of rice and ground beef, Maddie cleans her chops