two animals arrive with leg lacerations
November 1, 2011

top: Batman wearing an e-collar after his surgery, middle: Batman's repaired hock, bottom: Ella

We've all heard the phrase that "bad things" happen in three's - let's hope that this case is an exception to the rule!  The Methuen Medical Suite recently treated two animals - a cat and a dog - who suffered from injuries associated with an object being tied around a rear leg.

In the cat Batman's case, the object, a rubberband, was still in place.  The vet team removed the band from his hock, which had caused an open wound that was about 1 inch tall and 2 inches wide - so deep, his tendons were exposed.  Drs. Lynch, Randazza, and Wilmot treated his injury, which involved surgery, the placement of a drain, dressing changes, and antibiotics.  In less than two weeks, Batman has made a full recovery and is currently awaiting a forever family!

The cute Pit Bull you see to the bottom right, Ella, came in with the wound as shown.  There was some edema (swelling) above and below the laceration, but also some healing.  Because whatever had caused the injury had already been removed from her leg, the vet team decided to treat her with antibiotics to prevent infection, and will recheck the wound in two weeks.

It is always sad, and frustrating, to see animals suffer from an injury as a result of neglect - or even worse, intentional infliction.  This is why it's so important to pay attention to your animals, and make sure that you keep them safe from potential hazards.  These could include electrical wires, potentially toxic plants, broken or falling-apart toys, and other household items (including string, rubberbands, milk jug caps, and other small items).  It's also a great reminder that as pet owners, we should be inspecting our pets on a regular basis to make sure they look and seem healthy - including looking at teeth, ears, eyes, fur, and overall body condition.  And if you have a concern, take your pet to her veterinarian sooner rather than later.

To donate toward the MSPCA at Nevins Farm's medical fund, Angels for Animals, click here.  Your donation will help us treat animals like Batman and Ella who require surgery and/or medication to treat their incoming injuries and illnesses.