update on Peanut; a cat with a strange scar
October 18, 2010

Peanut, the Bulldog mom

above, one of Peanut's pups at 1 day old; below, same pup at 2 weeks of age



Now that she’s been in foster care with her three pups for a few weeks, Peanut has had a healthy and relaxing environment in which to recover (see September 24th blog).  Here are some recent photos of Peanut and her babies!  Peanut has turned out to be a great mom, though her age offers plenty of challenges.  At nine years old—an advanced age for any dog, let alone a Bulldog—taking care of a litter of puppies is tough work!  But she’s taken on the challenge with finesse, thanks in large part to her foster mom, Susan, who’s had Peanut and the pups since they were just two days old.  Keep checking back for more updates!

A strange scar has our vet team asking questions

In looking though our medical photos and files, I came across a photo that I took a few months ago of a young stray cat who had been recently surrendered.  Upon a general health exam, the staff noticed that she had a really unusual scar stretching from one side of her abdomen to the other.  To be sure that there wasn’t an open wound or risk of infection, the staff sedated her and shaved the area to get a better look.  As it turns out, the scar was completely healed.

And though there’s a possibility that this injury could have been inflicted by a human with cruel intentions, she had no other wounds or scars to lead us to believe that this was anything more than a very unfortunate accident—one that would have prevented had she been kept safe and sound indoors.

The cause of such an unusual injury?  There are a few possibilities, but we can’t be sure of the culprit.  Free-roaming cats who are allowed access to the outdoors run the risk of many dangers: poisons (rat poison, industrial cleaners found in garages), traffic, poor weather, and injuries or diseases from other cats or wildlife.

In this young cat’s case, the staff feels that she may have become tangled in a length of barbed wire or lightweight fencing wire, which cut into her abdomen enough to leave a scar, but from which she was able to free herself.