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People often ask us why we do what we do. "Isn't it sad seeing so many homeless animals?" they ask.  "Aren't you depressed?" On a blustery winter day, after chipping ice from a water bucket and plowing a path to a pasture or walking dogs in the snow and receiving a large surrender of neglected birds we might wonder why, too!  But the truth is that when someone turns to us in desperation, asking us to help with their beloved pet that they can no longer care for, we are glad to be here, for them and for their animal. Certainly there are moments of frustration and sadness. But when we see that first time when an adopter bonds with their new animal, we love that moment, and are thrilled to know that we are a part of it. And throughout each day, there are small moments and funny stories that we share with each other. 

These little tales are what carry us. So, we thought we would share them with you, here in our blog. Please let us know what you think, by emailing us at!

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