A Match for Ducks
July 8, 2013

 Nelson and his new friend

It seems we've been all about ducks lately.  We've had a number of waterfowl surrendered or abandoned in the last couple of weeks, including a flock of week-old Pekin ducklings (15!) who were abandoned on a pond, and just yesterday three ducks that were released in Billerica were brought in to us.  Everywhere we turn there are more coming in.  So it's nice when we actually have a duck adoption to brag about. 

Not too long ago we were contacted by a potential adopter named Amanda who was looking for a single Khaki Campbell for her completely blind Runner drake named Nelson (adopted from another rescue). He was getting pecked on by the Pekin pair she had already at home.  So Amanda build a separate enclosure for Nelson. She was concerned he was lonely and contacted us for a buddy.  Shortly after she called, a trio of adolescent ducks came in to Nevins who were strays in a neighborhood.  A dog was ‘attacking’ them and a concerned person came to their rescue and brough them to us.  Other than some ruffled feathers, a couple of bare patches and a bit underweight, they were all in reasonable condition.  Pam immediately put the female duck on hold, and contacted Amanda.

We just received a brief note from Amanda, and it looks like Nelson and his new duck companion are a match! Here's what Amanda had to say:

We love the female duck you picked out for us and Nelson.  We still haven't decided on her name yet.  She LOVES him and follows him around where ever he wanders... but he is still a little afraid of her.  She sneaks up on him and he gets a little startled.  But I think as soon as he realizes she won't hurt him they are going to be perfect for each other. :) Thank you so much!

Although the relationship may be a bit once-sided now, we're confident that this pair will grow to love each other.  Thank you Amanda for sharing your home!