A New Home for Barn Birds
December 24, 2012

Some of our barn birds are now living in style!

Earlier this year, we received a telephone call from St. Joseph's in Haverhill.  They were planning to participate in an annual town parade by building a float.  Their theme was "I'll Be Home for Christmas", and they hoped to build a float that highlighted the need for adoptive homes for companion animals.  "Would we be able to promote the MSPCA, and would the MSPCA provide a banner for the float?" they asked.  And of course the answer was yes!  Helen, our contact at the school, assured us that it would be well-crafted and would represent us well. 

Fast-forward to early December, and Helen called to let us know that all went well and that their float was a big hit.  She asked if we would be interested in having the dog house that was featured on the float.  We agreed to pick it up with one of our horse trailers, intending to use it for one of our smaller pigs or perhaps for some of our barn birds during their turnout.

But this is no ordinary dog house.  It's a deluxe model, with a hand-crafted faux-brick chimney and clapboard siding, and a cute little bird house mounted from the roofline.  It's the kind of house that most barn birds only dream about.  And now the homeless chickens and roosters at Nevins Farm will be the envy of all.  We've moved the house into one of the outdoor pens at the chicken coop, added a small line of fencing to keep the area separated from the general flock, and the space has become the daytime turnout for some of our single birds who cannot be turned out with the general flock safely.

They've already started enjoying their deluxe space.  We're grateful to the folks at St. Joseph's for helping to promote adoption and grateful for the donation of this very plush house.  You've made a lot of birds happy!