An Old Friend Becomes A New Friend
December 5, 2012

Our role as matchmaker for homeless animals is probably one of the most satisfying aspects of our work. We listen as people describe their perfect companion, and then we introduce them to potential candidates.  Sometimes, the match happens quickly, and other times it can take weeks or months to make a match.  And sometimes, the match is already made, before we even meet a potential adopter. 

Such was the case with a horse named Navajo, who came into our care when his owner abandoned him.  He had already had a career as a riding horse, but we arranged for him to spend some time in a foster home to see just what he knew.  As we learned more about him, we began to market him through our usual efforts, seeking potential adopters.

And that’s when the miracle happened, with a chance meeting at Equine Affaire, a large regional equine exhibition.  Here is Navajo’s story, as told by his adopter Jessica:

I adopted Navajo, a sorrel quarter horse, from Nevins Farm in November of 2011. Our story together actually began long before I ever even adopted him. It's a long and sad story full of loss of friendship and heartbreaks that started about 5 years ago, when the barn I grew up riding at was closed down due to financial reasons. I've ridden Navajo since he was 7 years old. He truly was my best friend and helped me get through a lot of difficulties during that time in my life. When the horses left that barn, it absolutely broke my heart. At the time, I was unable to adopt Navajo because of legal issues. Although time passed, he was always on my mind. Almost four years later, I was at Equine Affaire and happened to stop by at the Nevins farm display. I had just bought my first horse, so I was not intending on buying another. I just wanted to look to see if Nevins still had any of the other horses also from that barn. So I looked at the pictures of the horses they had up for adoption and to my amazement, I saw a familiar face: Navajo. I immediately broke down crying and in that moment, I knew I was meant to see that photo. After talking to my parents, the next day I immediately called Nevins and started the adoption process. Words cannot describe how happy I was to be reunited with my long lost best friend. Navajo has settled in wonderfully at his new home. He enjoys the companionship of 4 other horses, some chickens, and a goat. I'm currently working with him western pleasure and do mostly relaxing trail rides with him. He has come such a long way since he was younger and I could not be happier with his progress. Now 14 years old, he has matured into a confident gentleman. Thank you to everyone at Nevins Farm and the MSPCA for doing what you do and making this possible!

Jessica & Navajo’s story is a touching example of how animals can touch our lives and leave a lasting impression on our hearts.  Thank you Jessica for remembering him and loving him so well. Wishing you all the best in the years to come!