Merrick the Mustang
January 7, 2013

 Merrick in his adoptive home
 Merrick with his adoptive mom

Back in February of 2011, Nevins Farm temporarily became a psuedo-Mustang ranch, with the large surrender of a herd of Mustangs who had been left to fend for themselves.  They had not received vet or farrier care, had little for food, and had little to no interaction with people.  The next 4 or 5 months after that were pretty much a blur, as we worked to social and provide care for the herd.  In June, one of the mares gave birth to an adorable colt named Merrick while in her foster home.  Merrick was an instant star when he returned to Nevins Farm later that fall, with visitors from the public oohing and aahing over him.  And it didn't take too long for him to find an adoptive home, being as adorable as only a colt can be.

Just this weekend, we received a lovely 'Happy Adoption Anniversary' note from Merrick's adopter, letting us know that he is doing well.  Here's what she had to say:

A year ago this month, I adopted a yearling mustang named Merrick. I had been thinking about purchasing a baby to raise as my own for almost a year and had looked at many online pictures and descriptions. Nothing really called to me until I read his story and decided maybe I could do some good for an unwanted animal as well as fulfill my needs so I made an appointment to see him without a picture. The night before I went to visit him, Kathryn emailed me a picture and I GASPED! He was so handsome! I couldn't sleep that night and I still remember the moment the barn door opened and he stuck his little nose through the grates of the stall with his mane flipping and flopping all over the place, it was LOVE at first sight for sure.

His name is now Rodeo and he still remains very lovable, curious and seeks out human interaction. We have spent a lot of time just bonding, we street walk frequently and he is unflappable with cars/trucks/atv's etc, he has done a lot of ponying with my mare Emmy, we've done trails with and without a saddle on his back, he is great with his feet and has done some desensitizing with obstacles. He loves to be scratched and loved. If I'm grooming or tacking up my mare, he HAS to help! He gets in between us and wants his scratching/grooming time too. Once her saddle is on, he tries to pull it off. He takes off my velcro straps on my boots if he's particularly bored....he's an absolute love and I couldn't be happier! THANK YOU NEVINS FARM!!!!


Congratulations Merrick (er, Rodeo) and Sheri!  We're so glad that you met, and happy to have played matchmaker for you. And if you want to be as happy as Sheri, give us a call and let us play matchmaker for you too!