Bathtime for Cochins
February 28, 2013

Managing the many personalities of our three-room coop means managing the personalities of many different birds.  It's an adjustment for some birds to be in such a busy environment, while others fit right in and are quite literally "ruling the roost".  A few birds never quite adjust-they hang back & don't quite make friends with others.  But we hope for the best and segregate where needed.

Several of our newest roosters are in the process of that adjustment.  A small group of bantam cochins are on the fringe of our flock, a bit afraid to jump in and join the gang, so to speak.  This morning, Pam noticed that they were still wary, and wanted to provide them with some enrichment to make them happier.  Here's a note from her:

When I was cleaning cages at the coop today, I happened to notice one of our bantam cochins trying to take a dust bath in his bowl of grain. There are 5 bantam Cochin boys who are new and afraid to mingle with the others outside, so they stay perched on top of the cages. Feeling bad for them, I got a rubber bowl and filled it with warm earth. Immediately, they all started scratching and dusting. Soil was flying everywhere! More work for me to clean up-at least the boys are happy.

Here's hoping that the chance to scratch & dust, as they would in their own coop in a home, will lift their spirits and make it easier for them to fit in.  Hang in boys, there is a home for you somewhere!