Dice & Toby, Barn Cats
March 9, 2013

 Dice & Toby have a custom cat ramp leading to the hayloft

Meet Dice & Toby, two extraordinarily lucky barn cats who recently found an amazing barn situation through our Barn Cat Program.  While we strive to place our cats as indoor cats, sometimes we take in a cat who may not be suited to indoor living.  Dice & Toby are great examples; and as it turns out, incredibly fortunate in landing deluxe barn accommodations where they work for a living.  Here’s a quick note from their adopter Carla:

I just wanted to thank you once again for all your coordination in locating the “perfect” barn cats for us.  After doing significant polling for new names, we decided to keep the names that they came with.  Dice and Toby have settled in very well at our barn.  I bought this diffuser and spray called “Feliway” and Dice has not sprayed once!  He is just a ball of energy and is so social and affectionate – he makes a wonderful addition to our barn.  He especially likes “out” time when I allow him and Toby to be out in the closed up barn (instead of the tack room).  He scratches poles, climbs up everything, scampers around at about 50 mph and has quickly gotten accustomed to the horse and pony.

Toby has mellowed out a lot since he got here.  He allows us to pat him and pick him up and is starting to trust that we won’t hurt him.  In the past two weeks he has become quite affectionate – greeting us and hanging around for his head scratches, and even climbing on to my body and snuggling up with me while I sat in the tack room.   He spends a majority of his day lounging around on his favorite mat and he LOVES breakfast and dinner time.  He especially enjoys “out” time and spends a majority of his time on the huge hay pile in the hayloft.  Besides the heated tack room, the hayloft is his special place and he looks like the perfect barn cat all snuggled in the bales of hay.  Toby has established a morning routine during his “out” time which is started off by pooping in the horses’ stall and digging through their shavings.  He is still a bit leery of the horse and pony, but he has begun to quietly slink into the barn when they are there and just watch them.  When he got more comfortable he became much more playful and we have seen him and Dice wrestle around and playfully chase each other.  They make the biggest racket running around in the hayloft together – it sounds like I have two ponies running around upstairs!  Toby even calls for Dice when he is in the hay loft and Dice is down stairs as if to say –“Come up here with me.”

Last night, on the eve of their five week anniversary with us, they finally did their job and caught their first mouse.  It was still alive, but playing dead so I felt badly for it and scooped it up to release it outside (I know it will probably come back in).  Dice was  very confused and I think a bit miffed that I took his trophy away.  We made up for it, though, with a lot of praise and safe kitty treats.

Thanks to Carla for giving Dice & Toby a wonderful life.  Learn more about our Barn Cat Program at www.mspca.org/barncat.