Dorothy's New Outlook
February 25, 2013

 Dorothy shortly after arriving at Nevins Farm in 2013
 Dorothy & Buttercup frolicking in the snow

Just after the blizzard, we posted a photo on our Facebook page that showed two of our horses frolicking in the snow.  It was Sunday, and we were busy digging out, as most of New England was doing.  But we took a moment to enjoy watching our horses play.  They had all been stuck in the barn during the blizzard, and were absolutely stir-crazy by the time we got them out on Sunday. 

Our turnout space was limited because we had drifts over 5 or 6 feet in most of our paddocks, and just digging out the gates was an enormous undertaking.  So our horses went in shifts, and Dorothy and Buttercup were among the first to hit the virgin snow in our "Camp Paddock" (nicknamed for close proximity to our Summer Camp area).  This pair couldn't have been more enthusiastic to be out, rolling, jumping, diving in the snow!  The obvious joy that they had was evident, and actually caused a family in a passing car to pull over and get out, just to watch. The family was mesmerized and they couldn't stop talking about Dorothy and Buttercup.

For us, we were just as thrilled to watch them play, especially for Dorothy.  Just 6 months earlier, on a very hot day, Dorothy had arrived at Nevins with several equine friends, all very thin and suffering from a lack of care (read more about her here).  In that time, her outlook has completely changed.  We're happy to see how far she has come in such a short time, and we are even more excited to think about where she can go from here.  Although she is green, and needs an experienced horse person to take her on as project, we think that Dorothy's potential is endless.  With a bit of upfront investment, Dorothy could be anything.  After all, just look at her jump those snow drifts!

Dorothy is available for adoption (check out her Petfinder profile here), but she is also available for a training foster.  If you have the time and talent to help Dorothy in her quest for greatness, email us at, or give us a ring at (978) 687-7453 x6113.