Emma's New Home
April 30, 2013

 Emma (lower left) in a standoff with our other goats
 Emma enjoys the sun, with Harry nearby in the forefront

It's always nice to get an email from an adopter, and in our "InBox" this weekend was a nice update on Emma, a lovely senior goat who arrived with a cow friend Snickers and Molly the Cob pony.  Emma's adjustment to Nevins was only slightly hampered by the three other goats already here at Nevins.  They didn't always see eye to eye, although we suspect that Emma was secretly in charge.  We know for certain that in her home with Snickers and Molly, she was a diminutive diva!

Emma's new home is shared with several other Nevins alumni, Harry and Spike, and it appears that all is well.  Here's the note from Emma's adopter:

Hi Pam,
Thought you might enjoy these photos of Emma. In one of them, she’s basking in the sun sort of near Harry (formerly Donovan), a Nevins Farm alumnus (sheep). In another one, she’s eating from the manger with Spike, another Nevins Farm alumnus (mini-goat). And in the third, she’s just being herself in the pasture, looking with curiosity at the barn while I put out hay and water for the gang.
She seems to be doing okay, not losing any more noticeable weight, so we’re thinking she’ll be fine as she continues to settle in.
A few days ago, I saw her shoving one of the Nigerian dwarf goats backward across the pasture—showin’ “the boys” who’s boss!
Enjoy the pix, and hope all’s well with you!

Thanks Laurie for sharing photos, and for sharing your home with Emma!