Fancy's New Role
June 20, 2013

With only a handful of animal welfare organizations in the area capable of housing horses and other farm animals, a network has been created amongst those shelters to provide the best possible futures for the large animals in our care.  A perfect example is the arrival of 19 Miniature Horses to Nevins Farm in March of last year – numerous Miniature Horse rescues, as well as other local equine rescues, pooled their resources together to help them become healthy and adoptable. We all worked together as a team for the benefit of animals in need!

This week, Melissa received a call from a local shelter looking for a little help – there was a 2 year old filly whose mother needed inpatient surgery, as well as time to recover afterwards. They needed a “babysitter” of sorts, a horse that was able to take over the role of the little filly’s mom while her mother recuperated. After a brief discussion, one horse stood out to the staff as the best candidate – Fancy, a young Thoroughbred mare once used as broodmare before arriving at our farm.

Fancy came to us as a transfer from an overwhelmed New York shelter at approximately four years old. Originally part of a law enforcement case involving the seizure of over 80 horses, Fancy was pulled from a field underweight and in foal. After giving birth to a filly while in foster care and becoming healthy enough to make the journey to Massachusetts, she arrived at the MSPCA extremely fearful and untrusting – staff wasn’t even able to touch her past her neck. 

Over time, with the work of both our staff and our amazing foster homes, Fancy has learned to trust and has blossomed into a beautiful, loving mare now looking for her forever home! She will do best with someone that has experience starting horses as she has never been ridden; she has, however, done extensive groundwork and long lining to prepare her for the big day! Fancy is easy to work around and thrives with one on one attention. Refined and delicate, she is a clean slate for someone looking to build a relationship from the ground up!  But while she is waiting for that special someone, Fancy will be helping another horse in need.

If you are interested in more information about Fancy, or any of our other adoptable horses, please contact a member of the barn staff at 978-687-7453, press 8, than Ext. 6113. The staff can also be reached by email at