Kat's Foster Home
June 22, 2013

 Kat (left) with her pasture buddy Lynx in her foster home

Last month we blogged about some of our newest arrivals at Nevins, including a quartet of 'skinnies' who were surrendered after some outreach by our Law Enforcement department.  Kat, Tulip, May, and Murphy have all been progressing well, in large part because of their young age.  Murphy headed to a foster home home two weeks ago, and his foster family is thrilled with him!  This past Thursday, it was Kat's turn to head out for a foster home.  Foster mom and volunteer Malia brought in her current foster horse Diane, so that it would be easier to host adoption appointments for Diane (Malia commutes from Rhode Island to Nevins!).  And with an empty stall, what to do but fill it with another foster horse?!

Malia made the return trip to Rhode Island with Kat, and has already sent us an update with photos:

Hi Guys,
Kat is doing great! She settled right in and started munching on pasture soon as she arrived. When it was time to come in for dinner, she explained to me that she simply wasn’t coming into an enclosed stall and didn’t care that Lynx was in the next stall over, and no amount of tugging was going to change that! Ha! Until I explained to her that her dinner was involved at which point, she walked right in and started happily munching away! Took her all of a day to figure out the drill and last nite when she came in for dinner, I groomed her and did her feet all while she was enjoying her grain.
She’s a trip – super smart, inquisitive, funny, and yes, alittle bit stubborn. ;-) Truth be told, she reminds me a LOT of Lynx when she was younger – mind of her own, that one. I LOVE the mares!!
Here are a few pix I took yesterday. I wanted to take them out in the pasture where it’s nice and green, but as soon as I came over, Kat had to investigate and came walking up to the fence to say “Hi” and see what I was doing. I wish I had a pix of this, though: Stuart told me that he checked on the girls in the afternoon, and Kat was flat out, on her side, asleep in thesun!! ;-))
More reports soon…
Best, Malia

Thanks Malia!  Can't wait to see the miracles you work with Kat!