Lady Di Weathers the Storm
February 11, 2013

Malia with Lady Di (aka Diane) on the right and her own horse Lynx after the blizzard

In addition to worrying about the horses & farm animals here on our property, we also have horses in foster homes that we need to worry about during extreme weather, like this weekend's blizzard.  In general, our foster homes are well equipped for New England weather, as they already have horses of their own to care for.  But it's good to check in, make sure they have appropriate blankets, have contingency plans, etc. 

In the case of Lady Di (aka Diane), it's a bit harder to offer ready assistance since she is in a foster home in Rhode Island.  We can't just run over to drop off a new sheet or blanket, or a joint supplement.  Fortunately, Diane's foster mom Malia is a well-prepared lady.  She volunteers on a weekly basis here at Nevins (yes, she actually drives up every Saturday to pitch in at the barn), and plans everything in advance, including picking up a new blanket from our tack room well in advance.  Malia thoughtfully sent us an email update just as the storm was winding down on Saturday, to let us know how well Lady Di handled the storm (as compared to her own horse Lynx).

From Malia:

Hi Guys,
Hope y'all are doing well up there -- CRAZY weather!!! We spent the last 3 hours or so digging out, all is well... We got about 2 ft of snow plus a ton of drifting, but never lost power, which was an incredible saving grace!!
This winter has been quite the test -- I rarely blanket the horses unless it's going to be single digits or worse during the day and we certainly had a week of that a couple weeks back (sent you a note abt Miss Burly-butt ;-) BTW Karin, Di's new Passoa 76" blanket looks STUNNING on her -- I've gotta take some pix (she hasn't had to wear it yet, but wow)... I'm gonna buy the 74" and keep it as a spare for her or Lynx who wears a 74"; her current blanket is nice, but not waterproof!
So the other test (of me ;-) was w/ this blizzard -- I never shut the horses in unless it's blizzard conditions like we had... So last nite, I go out to do stalls and feed and shut them in for the nite... Well, it's blowing like a b------ and driving snow, so I shut them in and figure I'd put them on x-ties to do their stalls... Lynx was NOT impressed -- she's dancing around on x-ties, all in a dither, wouldn't settle down really (she hates being closed in when she can hear stuff outside but can't see it)... I finish up, put her back in her stall and figure man, if Lynx was wacky, what's Di going to be like?? Well, I put her on x-ties and she was PERFECT -- quiet, relaxed, stood still the entire time!!! What a champ!! And what a difference a year makes -- when I first got her, she'd be pawing, fidgeting, throwing her head around on x-ties -- what a mess!! On top of that, she was perfectly happy to be closed into her stall at nite and out of the blizzard -- likes her creature comforts, that one, that Lady Di!!! ;-)))
Just for kicks, here's a few pix we took today. Thinking of you and hoping y'all are warm, safe, and dry!!
Best, Malia

Thanks to Malia for fostering Lady Di and helping her be a better horse!  And for anyone that may be interested in Diane, check out her Petfinder profile here, or call us at (978) 687-7453 x6113.