Laying an Egg
January 16, 2013

What does a chicken do on a snowy day?  Lay eggs, of course! 

This morning's snowy weather meant that most of our barn birds had no interest in venturing outside.  They were content to remain in their coops as we cleaned around them.  But, some of our birds are housed in separate cages, and they don't get the luxury of a large coop to stretch their legs & wings.  This might be because they haven't been integrated yet with the flock, or because we are monitoring eating or behavior.  Normally, while the main flock is outside, the caged birds get run time in the coop.  But today's snow changed that...

Pam, our Assistant Manager for the Equine & Farm Center (and our resident bird expert), took a brief video this morning, revealing just how one of our hens got some exercise.  Here's what she had to say:

Usually when I take care of the chickens at the coop, I will let some of the birds in individual cages roam around the support room for some exercise. Today since the weather was bad, I had a few hens and roosters roaming about underfoot. Crimson, a darling Red Star pullet, went about inspecting every nook and corner of the room. She eventually found a fantastic spot to nest (and nibble) in one of the open grain barrels. She clucked excitedly as she scratched and pushed the grain to make her nest. I checked on her, no more than two minutes later, and she had laid her lovely egg. By then,  I had finished all the coop chores but could not bring myself to move her back to her cage-she was happily cooing, sitting on her new, warm egg. What a nice thing to do on such a dreary day-so I let her stay.

If only we could all stay indoors in a cozy nest on days like today!  But the barn chores still beckon, so we'll add a few extra layers of clothing and get to it.  And in the meantime, if you'd like to learn more about adopting Crimson and some of her friends, email us at