Lunchbox Benson Takes A Stroll
January 15, 2014

Our little Lunchbox Benson, the potbellied pig, is a young and friendly guy and a recent arrival to Nevins Farm. Call his name while he's snuggled under his blankets and he'll pop out to greet you. We often let him loose in the barn alley for a little exercise and one-on-one time.  On Monday he decided he'd see if our newest porcine arrival, Stella the Hampshire pig, was interested in company.  Stella is still being evaluated and unable to accept visitors, human or swine, so he'll have to visit her another day.  But as you can see it doesn't take much urging for Lunchbox to come when you call him by name. 

Lunchbox is about 9 months old, recently neutered and loves cut up apples as a special treat, so if you'd like to drop off a few apples for him to snack on, we're sure he will appreicate it!